The match at the San Antonio Spurs team that presents between the Miami Heat and the results were very surprising. Even the Miami Heat coach, Lebron James said that the Spurs play very well than Miame Heat. At the end of the game, Miami Heat has lost the title in the hands of the Spurs. Match with a score of 84-107 has been a very painful result for the Miami Heat.
Spurs performance has been shown from the beginning to make a very large margin value. Spurs won all matches in all game against the Miami Heat. Even in the last five games as the Spurs make a Miami Heat team that humiliated. Lebron also said that the Miami Heat players have been working hard to score. They played with the team to pass the ball, throw and make points.
But Spurs appearance that looks dominant and fierce indeed make the Miami Heat becomes more hard work. Even all strategies have been used, but the Spurs team are managed to eliminate the dominance of the Miami Heat players. Spurs played with a strategy that is challenging and often make the Miami Heat made a mistake. Crushing defeat like this has given a heavy lesson for all players at the Miami game next year and they should not repeat the same mistakes.